Alloy Networks and Xumm Develop XRPL-Powered Beverage Dispenser


The XRP Ledger is being used for diverse innovations. Aside from that the ledger can process any form of currency, a company is developing an XRPL-powered beverage dispenser at the moment.

The XRPL-powered beverage dispenser is a collaborative work of the XRPL Labs’ Xumm and Alloy Networks.

The dispenser makes use of the Xumm API to allow for the storage and retrieval of the device configuration.

Allow Networks says the device does not have any button but makes use of QR code. The company says the first configurable machine should be available next week.

The Alloy Network is an Estonia-based firm running an XRP validator. The company is a division of the Titanium OÜ, a firm focused on retail, international trade, and technology.

With 30 years of experience, the team members behind the network have worked in the business and tech space.

Meanwhile, Xumm is an innovation of the XRPL Labs, a tech company owned by Wietse Wind and funded by Ripple’s Investment arm, Xpring. The Xumm app has just released a newer version dubbed version 0.5.1 on both Google and Apple play store.

Image Credit: @Alloy Network on Twitter

Blogger Pays for Workspace with XRP via Xumm Wallet

The XRPL-based banking payment application continues to show commitment toward giving users better experience, and the launch of its XUMM 0.5.1 upgrade which comes with over 60 additions, fixes and changes, is an example of such.

On the heel of this, a blogger, who is a cryptocurrency believer, said he just paid for his one month rent at a coworking space in Thailand with XRP via the Xumm wallet application.

Known as Benny, the blogger said he just registered at a new coworking space called Yellow. The co-working space is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Yellow is a cryptocurrency hub, and a lot of people with different missions and projects are in the workspace.

Benny said he was excited to know that the coworking space accepts cryptocurrency as a payment option, and he made his one-month subscription with XRP via the Xumm Wallet.

Benny had made the money he paid at the workspace via Coil and web monetization on his blog.

The Thailand-based Yellow workspace also accepts some other cryptocurrencies, and a discount of 10% is attached from any crypto payment made.

The workspace subscription was Benny’s first crypto-to-crypto payment in the real world, and he said his payment with XRP via the Xumm wallet was super smooth.