Latest: Ripple Makes List of 2020 Top 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators


Popular blockchain platform Ripple has been listed as among the top 100 best workplaces for innovators. The list compiled by analytical website in conjunction with Accenture identified which tech firms were encouraging experimentation within different levels of their setup. It also focused on the firms that had shown the willingness to innovate within the past calendar year. 

The list consisted of some of the biggest companies in the world and was unsurprisingly dominated by fortune 500 companies. Non-profit form ALSAC/ST. Jude led the way at the tp with popular tech giants Google coming in second while John Hopkins University APL took third.

Ripple only blockchain firm in the top 100

Ripple was the only blockchain company to make the list and came in 97th on the list. This is a huge achievement for the blockchain firm that has been able to deliver largely on their promise since inception. 

Ripple products have been adopted by the mainstream financial players with their ripplenet solution adopted by over 140 organisations across the world. Ripple has also done a lot with blockchain innovation with its grants and bounties leading to blockchain education across the world. 

This list only shows that the blockchain is on its way to massive adoption and that Ripple has put effort towards ensuring that it continues to innovate and adapt to the times. 

With more blockchain firms looking to innovate and the increasing popularity of solutions in mainstream financial space, it is expected that more blockchain companies would make the list in a year’s time. 

Ripple embarks on new Anonymous coin

Ripple recently revealed in a blog post that it was looking to incorporate certain anonymous features on its XRP Ledger. 

It is no surprise that Ripple is looking to increase its privacy as this would ensure that blockchain is well equipped to deal with the problems of data breaches that has rapidly increased in recent times.