Donald Trump Interviewee Dave Portnoy Has Hilarious Take on Bitcoin


Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, who recently became the captain of amateur stock traders and managed to interview U.S. President Donald Trump, has just compared Bitcoin mining to the Pokemon Go game in a video posted on Twitter.

During his hilarious rant, Portnoy says that Bitcoin «is sitting in clouds,» and he cannot see it while some menacing rugrats are about to grab him.

From Mario Bros. to Pokemon Go

The millionaire, who did not have any trading experience prior to the March crash, is now the patron saint of Robinhood userswhose green hammer and «stocks can only go up» mentality are making Wall Street titans nervous.

Prior to that, the self-proclaimed «El Presidente» was already an internet celebrity because of his Barstool Sports blog that is infamous for its in-your-face commentary.

It is apparent that Portnoy has not changed his attitude toward Bitcoin since late 2017, when the top cryptocurrency was ushered into mainstream consciousness for the first time.

As reported by U.Today, he compared BTC mining to the iconic arcade game Mario Bros. while claiming that the whole thing was «run by the Winklevoss twins»:

I don’t know how to spend em. I don’t know how to get em. […] The whole thing is run by the Winklevoss twins.

Portnoy has his J.K. Rowling moment

Following Portnoy’s candid one-on-one interview with Trump that was recorded in late July, his persona attracted nationwide attention.

Just as cryptocurrency enthusiasts flooded «Harry Potter» author J. K. Rowling with replies after she was careless enough to mention Bitcoin, there was no shortage of those who wanted to help Portnoy cut his bullish teeth on the best-performing asset of the previous decade.

David Gokhshtein, however, acrimoniously tweeted that Portnoy was «too busy missing out on real gains» by dismissively laughing Bitcoin away.