Israel’s Stock Exchange Launches Blockchain Platform for Securities Lending


The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) has launched a new blockchain platform that it claims will become the “one-stop-shop” for lending securities in the country.

  • TASE said Monday the Central Blockchain Securities Lending Platform will provide a single national market where Israeli institutions can lend securities directly to one another
  • Based in the northern city of Tel Aviv, TASE is the only public stock exchange in Israel.
  • Blockchain facilitates peer-to-peer trading and escrow all with near-guaranteed immutability, the exchange said in a statement.
  • Not only does the new platform give traders greater flexibility and versatility, but it can also cut costs and enhance security, it added.
  • This replaces a complicated and disjointed lending system and allows the securities lending market to reach its full potential, TASE concluded.
  • The blockchain securities lending system had been in the testing phase since March 2020.

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