73 Mln XRP Is Sent Through Ripple’s Unannounced Asian ODL Corridor


Around 73 mln XRP has been transacted through an unannounced Asian corridor that links the two biggest crypto markets, along with Ripple wiring 19 mln XRP, according to data shared by XRPL Monitor.

ODL corridor unannounced by Ripple?

As per several recent tweets posted by XRPL Monitor, 73 mln XRP have been transferred by Bitbank and Bithumbmajor crypto exchanges in Japan and South Korea.

Earlier this year, the Bitfinex exchange published a post on its blog, saying that the Ripple giant had connected these two major cryptocurrency markets with an On-Demand Liquidity corridor.

This blog post states that Bitbank and Bithumb are the two platforms that are making up an Asian ODL corridor that Ripple had never announced publicly.

Ripple wires 19 mln XRP

XRPL Monitor also showed that the blockchain decacorn Ripple made a transfer of 19 mln XRP. Data from the Bithomp DLT analytics website says that these funds were sent inside the company, between two of Ripple’s addresses.

Ripple sends 133 mln XRP to Jed McCaleb

As reported by Whale Alert earlier this week, Ripple made another scheduled crypto payment to its co-founder Jed McCaleb, who served as the company’s CTO and left soon after its founding.

Apart from that, on Sept. 1following its three-year traditionRipple released 1 bln XRP from escrow and then locked 800 mln XRP back in.